Just $5 per month allows us to prepare 2 feminine hygiene kits. Hundreds of these kits are distributed through our community partners free of charge to women in need! 


All donations ensure that underserved women and school-age girls are educated on their physical bodies, including the stages of change their bodies will undergo over time. Feminine hygiene products that are a monthly strain on the budget of this group of women and girls are provided to them at no cost. 




In-kind donations of menstrual and personal hygiene management products, as well as coupons, are greatly appreciated. Product drives are welcome. No gift is too small. 

Our current client needs include:

  • Sanitary Pads (Maxi pads are most needed)
  • Pantiliners
  • Tampons (Varied absorbencies)
  • Feminine Wipes
  • Toilet Paper

Postpartum Needs 

Postpartum bleeding is defined as the significant loss of blood following child birth. Women of vulnerable populations are often unable to access necessary products to manage their postpartum health and hygiene, as these products are not covered by WIC or Medicaid. Be a Rose is seeking to expand upon our support network by recognizing an important (and often overlooked) issue of women’s health: Postpartum Care.

Help us fill this gap of care by signing yourself or a group you belong to, for our Roses for Postpartum Project and help us meet the postpartum needs of women in our city.

Contact us at info@bearose.org, Subject: Roses for Postpartum Project for more information.


Thank you for your interest in a volunteer position. Please contact us via the button above for detailed descriptions of the following positions: 

* Please contact us at info@bearose.org / 616.990.3353 if you wish to:

  • Volunteer on a need basis
  • Host a Party with a Purpose - a small gathering in your home with close friends to raise awareness of our mission!
  • Conduct a donation drive in your place of work, school, church, etc.

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Donation Drop-Off Locations.


901 Eastern Ave. NE Bldg D. Grand Rapids, MI 49503.

M-Th 9am-3:30pm.

Please Contact Rhonda Fitzsimmons or Michelle Roub.

616.224.7523 or 616.224.7470 / rfitzsimmons@bethany.org

Prana house reiki & massage

1345 Monroe Ave. NW #212 Grand Rapids, MI 49505

M-F 8:00am - 5:30pm



2270 Oak Industrial Dr. NE Grand Rapids, MI 49505.

M-F 10am-5pm.

Please Contact Amy Lindholm, Administrative Assistant.

616.433.1575 / info@sowhope.org

adored boutique

968 Cherry St. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49506

M-Sa 10:00am - 6:00pm