More Than A Mission. A Movement.

Empowered women statistically live much longer, healthier physical and emotional lives. They are far more likely to complete formal education, participate in local and national economics, and empower other women and girls to do the same.

BE A ROSE aims to disrupt the cycle of poverty and shame that many women, young and old, experience within rural and inner-city populations due to a lack of reproductive health education and limited access to feminine hygiene supplies.

We wholeheartedly believe that to reach and support even just one woman or girl leads to the empowerment and wellness of the greater community and future generations. When you choose to BE A ROSE for a woman's monthly needs, you choose to root yourself in justice and lift women and communities near and far!


Christine Mwangi:  Founder & President of BE A ROSE

Three generations of strong women:  Grandma Rose (right) w/ Dtr. Merioth (left) & Gr. Dtr. Hilda (center)