Letter From the President

Founder & President, Christine Mwangi

Founder & President, Christine Mwangi

Be a Rose continues a journey we began in 2016 to invest in the lives of the women and girls of our community by providing hope and dignity in the way they manage menstruation. We know we are not alone on this journey. Rather, we are accompanied by countless organizations and individuals working with us. Together, we are ending period poverty, improving health in Greater Grand Rapids, sustaining the ministry of global health in the lives of girls in our partner school Paul Mbiu in Kenya, and leading a promising movement into 2019 that advocates for health equity for each woman and girl through committed service and advocacy.

So, how do we fuel this journey? With patience and perseverance and through partnerships with individuals and organizations who share our mission, passion, and determination to make meaningful change. We saw immense growth in the reach of our monthly blog, which continues to be a voice and source of reliable information and storytelling that empowers us all as we grow in support of all who struggle to manage menstruation. We honor our individual and corporate donors for over 86,000 product donations, our community for 6 new business and product recipient partnerships, and most important, the 8 tireless volunteers and 3 interns who joined our team and contributed to developing innovative solutions to emerging women’s health needs. In 2018, we served at 15 food pantry events and distributed over 1,500 bags and over 15,000 units of feminine hygiene products. Perhaps the most moving aspect of our mission is the impact that our black Ziploc bags of product have made in the lives of those we serve through our local product distribution partners. They distributed an additional 1,150 bags and 17,250 units of feminine hygiene products last year. They are the most powerful advocates of our work and the most faithful conduits through which our efforts reach those most in need. We salute each community partner. I would also like to thank all the local media outlets that have afforded us a platform to share our progress and the impact of our work.

We are also extremely proud of other nonprofit organizations and their people who are our partners in advancing awareness on the topic of period poverty. Our journey continues and is a work in progress, and we are committed for the long haul.

Solidly grounded in our mission and vision, we are humbled to continue this great work into 2019 and to expand our capacity and reach into pockets of our city and those communities with often-forgotten groups struggling to manage menstruation. We strive to continue providing pioneering and sustainable menstruation management options that are affordable and safe. We pledge to be a light to all the people we serve so they can continue to depend on Be a Rose to enhance their quality of life and ensure that menstruation is not a barrier in their lives.

Thank you to our donors, friends, supporters, Board Members, and volunteers for illuminating the impact of our work.

As always, we believe this work brings hope and promise to those we serve and we can’t wait to see what we will achieve together in 2019.

Christine Mwangi

Be a Rose