What Is #SelfCare?

Photo Credit:   August Nyson 

Photo Credit:  August Nyson 

One thing the millennium has taught us is that few things are considered relevant until they show up on Facebook and/or Instagram. I was scrolling through my timeline one day and, by coincidence, I noticed that several of my friends had ended their status with the same message: #SelfCare. This simple hashtag represents the concept of women taking time for themselves to rejuvenate and recalibrate their minds and body after a long work week fulfilling a variety of roles: boss, wife, mother, or just being a single woman.

I “slid in the DMs” of a few of my closest girlfriends and asked the simple question, “How do you practice self-care?” Their answers ranged from humorous to serious, yet all 100% honest.:


Sitting in silence

Working on a dance studio

Going to the salon

Listening to the Calm app


Seeing a therapist

Taking myself to the symphony


Playing vinyl albums

Joining a book club

Designing jewelry


Watching Law & Order

Taking a bath with essential oils



Walking on nature trails

Staying hydrated

Seeing a chiropractor


As for me, I define #SelfCare as treating yourself to something that you enjoy. This includes taking the necessary time to connect with your best self, both within and the self you give to others. This may feel like reintroducing yourself to you. For me, self-care also means finding peace of mind, which sometimes involves isolation and allowing my mind to rest.

Self-care is not just a vanity statement, and it doesn’t have to include spending money or indulging. It can mean making sometimes difficult choices to recognize and tend to what your heart, body, and mind truly need. Set safe boundaries. Tackle the task you’ve been procrastinating on. Be vulnerable and share your feelings.

A person who practices self-care radiates a special energy toward people and enhances their environment. Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup; keep your own cup full so that it overflows this love and positivity into others.

By: CaSaundra Ce’Moune

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