We Are All Wonder Women: Roshie Anne on Confidence and Community

Image Source :    Arthur Hylton   | Model: Roshie Anne

Image SourceArthur Hylton | Model: Roshie Anne

Confidence is a seed within each of us. If we recognize its presence in our hearts and treat it with care and kindness, the confidence has potential to grow into a fabulous flower—one that produces new seeds, spreading and scattering them as they settle within the hearts of others. Fostering one’s own confidence and using it to help lift and support other people creates a chain reaction that makes the world bright, beautiful, and FILLED with wildflowers.

We are honored to introduce you to Roshie Anne, a woman who truly exemplifies confidence in all she does. Roshie’s passion shines through every facet of her work, and she strives to help others recognize and care for the seeds of confidence within their own hearts, appreciating beauty in themselves and others.

Roshie is a fashion designer living in New York City who manages a powerful lifestyle blog in which she shares her designs and inspirations, as well as insight into living well. Recognizing the value of a support system, Roshie expresses immense gratitude for her family. Growing up in Kenya as one of seven siblings, she built strong relationships with her brothers and sisters. There was a solid sense of support and appreciation of individuality within her household, and Roshie reflects, “It’s always been like that in my family. We will clap, cheer you on, and celebrate your quirks. I am proud to say that my siblings encourage me to be who I am.”

Having established an incredible eye for fashion, Roshie Anne describes her eclectic style as unconventional, which inspires the name of her blog: Anneconventional. In her work, Roshie challenges restrictive societal definitions of beauty and expands the concept of beauty in a way that promotes inclusion and empowerment. This year, Roshie collaborated with The Baldie Movement, which lifts bald women—whether by choice or circumstance—and supports them to embrace all aspects of their beauty, including their baldness.

Roshie asserts that beauty is not restricted to a certain hairstyle or the fashion trends of the times. Rather, it lies in trusting one’s gut, finding personal identity and style, and allowing that authentic identity to shine. That is where true confidence is born, and when that sense of self is recognized and appreciated by others, confidence is shared. There’s a section on Roshie’s blog called “Words from Wonder Women” in which she shares images and quotes from strong, influential women, serving as a source of inspiration and support. Roshie’s drive to lift others and foster empowerment as a community speaks directly to our mission at Be a Rose. There is tremendous value to be found in women serving and connecting with one another, and we strive to continue spreading seeds of confidence. At times, we are called to not only embrace our own beauty and confidence but to care for the seeds within others. This is how the full garden becomes the most beautiful.

“Beauty is everywhere,” Roshie says. “My hope is that whoever sees my work or reads my blog posts is empowered to be themselves and finds the courage to follow their dreams.”

We are inspired by Roshie Anne’s journey and applaud her efforts to lift other women and encourage them to embrace their authentic selves.

By: Aanee Nichols